Getting Started

What do you need to get started on Litho?

• Google Chrome with the CENNZnet extension installed
• A CENNZnet account
• Some CPAY on your CENNZnet account to pay for the gas fee


The CENNZnet extension

The CENNZnet extension serves as a wallet. It is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to access your CENNZnet account. It also allows you to sign transactions, which is essential to the functioning of apps that interact with blockchains.


How do I create a CENNZnet account?

You can use either the CENNZnet Portal or the CENNZnet extension to create an account. The accounts created in either place can be imported into the other.
The CENNZnet Portal contains extensive tools that let you explore the blockchain network and create transactions. If you are new to cryptocurrencies, we recommend you follow this guide when creating a CENNZnet account, to make sure you keep the important credentials safe.
The extension simply provides access to your account. You can find the user guide for the extension here.

How do I buy CENNZ and CPAY tokens?

There are a number of exchanges that are authorised to sell CENNZ and CPAY. The complete list can be found on CENNZnet’s website here.
Please follow the guides from the exchanges on how to purchase the tokens.

What’s the difference between CENNZ and CPAY?

 CENNZnet has a dual-token economy:
CENNZ: a token that represents the value of the network. It is used for staking and governance.
CPAY: a stable coin used for transaction fees and block rewards.
Having 2 tokens protects our network users and developers from pricing fluctuations. You can learn more about the benefits of this system from our dual-token economy article.