What is Litho?

Welcome to the Lithoverse! Litho offers you a super easy and fun way to mint your creative, world-changing NFTs and share them with like-minds. Learn about exactly what Litho is, the functions it offers and how it works in this guide.


What is Litho?

Litho is an NFT minter and peer-to-peer marketplace for digital assets. Using Litho you can create, buy and sell non-fungible tokens, crypto collectables and other virtual goods. 

Digital assets minted on Litho are securely stored on the CENNZnet blockchain. Litho’s marketplace is an aggregator – which basically means it shows you all the assets and NFTs across all marketplaces on the CENNZnet ecosystem. 


What is special about Litho?

Glad you asked! There are some pretty nifty features of Litho that make it the tool of choice for digital artists and blockchain devs. 

For artists:

  • Creating an NFT has never been easier or quicker: If you can upload an image to Instagram, you can mint an NFT on Litho. Once you have your wallet set up and connected to Litho you can be minting NFTs literally within minutes – no coding required!
  • Help is always there: If you do run into any difficulties or just want some encouragement, our friendly community is always ready to support you on our Litho Discord channel or our Twitter channel
  • Royalties, royalties, royalties: It’s what makes NFTs special, guaranteeing artists an income from their work after the initial sale. Litho offers easily programmable royalty schemes and it’s guaranteed across all CENNZnet marketplaces – not just the one you mint your NFT on.
  • Sell to everyone on CENNZnet: Litho is the only network around that allows you to sell your NFTs to multiple marketplaces and still guarantee your royalties. That means every user on the CENNZnet ecosystem (anyone who uses one of the DApps built on the blockchain) can see and buy your work! 

For DApp devs:

  • Create your own marketplace: Litho works across the CENNZnet blockchain meaning you can use it to promote and sell your in-app NFTs.   
  • The Litho Code is open source, fork us and make your own, no starting from scratch 
  • NFTs without the smart contracts: Smart contracts are brilliant but pretty tricky to code correctly. To make the NFT function easier to harness we’ve leveraged a plug n’ play runtime module that does it for you. All you have to do is use CENNZnet’s NFT module API and you can start creating. 
  • Add in cool features to your NFTs: NFTs don’t have to be static images, there is no end of creativity and opportunity out there for these valuable digital assets. If you fancy jazzing up your NFT functionality to heights beyond our humble runtime module, you can add in your own smart contract. 

How does Litho work?

Litho is a DApp (decentralised app) that sits on the CENNZnet blockchain. For all intents and purposes, this means it functions as a normal app, but some central components harness the functionality of the blockchain. Specifically Litho uses CENNZnet to:


  • Mint NFTs: NFTs are decentralised assets, meaning they are minted onto a blockchain. Litho uses CENNZnet’s NFT runtime module to mint its NFTs via an API. 
  • Store NFTs: NFTs minted on Litho are stored on the CENNZnet blockchain. Though it’s important to remember there are 2 parts to an NFT: 
    1.  The strict NFT,  basically a hash of numbers stored on the blockchain which denotes the data and who owns it. 
    2. The digital file, which can be technically stored anywhere. 

On Litho, the NFT hash is minted and stored on the CENNZnet chain and the digital file is stored in a secure and decentralised IPFS or a storage destination you choose. 


Why was CENNZnet the blockchain of choice?

The world of blockchain is exploding and there are so many choices out there, so why CENNZnet? 

  • Cheap as chips: Minting an NFT on CENNZnet is cheap thanks to the dual token economy. No more skyrocketing, unpredictable gas fees.  
  • Make the earth great again: CENNZnet uses low energy Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, so minting an NFT on Litho takes about as much power as sending an email. Even cooler, CENNZnet has offset more carbon than their blockchain will ever use – carbon-negative baby! 
  • Network enforced royalties: NFTs on CENNZnet are easily transferable, making it the only network where creators can sell their NFTs to multiple marketplaces and be guaranteed to get royalties.   
  • Own your data: CENNZnet NFT hashes contain a fingerprint of your NFT content data, so you can always verify the authenticity of your digital token. 

What does the name Litho mean? 

Litho is short for the revolutionary printing technique lithography. Never heard of it? Well, Lithography was invented in 1796 by relatively unknown German author and actor Alois Senefelder as a simple and cost-effective way to print theatrical works. It soon became the process of choice for many of the great Romantic painters of the time and redefined popular print and artistic invention.

NFTs and Lithography hail from different centuries but share the potential to shape the creative world as well as breathtaking efficiency and possibility for mass distribution.